Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Organizations affiliated with JNATIP

JNATIP is a network of NGOs, lawyers and academics, which is aiming to formulate effective laws concerning the prevention of trafficking in persons, victim relief and the punishment of perpetrators. As of November 2004, the following 25 organizations are affiliated with JNATIP.

Japan Women's Council
Aizu Mass Choir
The Asia Foundation
Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center
Asian Women's Empowerment Project
Asian Women's Center
Amnesty International Japan
Solidarity with Migrants Network Japan (SMJ)
Action against Child Exploitation (ACE)
Committee to Aid Democracy for Peace Building
End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourrism (ECPAT) Japan Kansai
Center for Asia Pcific Partnership (CAPP) Study Group on Human Security, Human Trafficking and Exploitative Migration
Kyoto Young Women's Christian Association "Asian People Together" (Kyoto YWCA/APT)
Clover (Network to Support Non-Japanese Victims of Domestic Violence in Osaka)
Japan International Center for the Rights of the Child (JICRC)
Committee for Education of Child Sexual Awareness and Well-being (CESA)
Congregation de Notre Dame (CND) Mria Province
Empowerment Center for Women in Fukuoka
House of Women "Saalaa"
Sex Work and Sexual Health (SWASH)
The Friends of Thai Women
Tokyo YWCA
The International Movement Against all forms of Discrimination and Racism-Japan Committee (IMADR-JC)
Japan Accountability Caucus, Beijing
Polaris Project

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